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Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus

Below is a list of ballet levels taught at TSD. Ages and levels may vary:

  • Ballet Beginnings- 2 year olds

  • Creative Ballet- 3 year olds

  • Pre Ballet- 4 year olds

  • Pre Primary- 5 year olds

  • Primary- 6 year olds (RAD Exams start at this level.)

  • Level 1- about 7 year olds

  • Level 2- about 8 year olds

  • Level 3- Check with office for placement from this level and up. Must attend ballet two times per week at this level.

  • Level 4

  • Level 5

  • Intermediate Foundation

  • Intermediate

  • Advanced Foundation

  • Advanced 1

  • Advanced 2

  • Beginning Pointe/Pre Pointe
  • Intermediate/Advanced Pointe



TSD dancers start Jazz at age 6.

  • Beginning Jazz/1

  • Jazz 2

  • Jazz 3

  • Jazz 4

  • Jazz 5

  • Intermediate Jazz

  • Advanced Jazz


Classical Tap Instruction

Tap levels at TSD start at age 3. We train up to advanced tap levels. In the young age groups we are developing musicality and rhythm in students while introducing fundamentals of tap. The early training prepares them for the advanced levels.

-Tiny Tap- 3 year olds

-Pre Tap- 4 year olds

-Pre/Primary Tap- 5-6 year olds

-Tap 1- 7 year olds

-Tap 2- Check with office for placement this level and up.

-Tap 3

-Tap 4

-Tap 5

-Intermediate Tap

-Advanced Tap



Hip Hop at TSD is conservative and fun. It encompasses captivating movements with a mixture of sharp and fluid dance. It is an energetic form of dancing and unique in allowing freedom of movement.

Hip Hop is for ages 10 years and up. After evaluation, will be placed in appropriate level.

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