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Below is a list of ballet levels taught at TSD:

  • Ballet Beginnings (age 2)

  • Creative Ballet

  • Pre Ballet

  • Pre Primary

  • Primary

  • Grade 1

  • Grade 2

  • Grade 3

  • Grade 4

  • Grade 5

  • Intermediate Foundation

  • Intermediate

  • Advanced Foundation

  • Advanced 1

  • Advanced 2

  • Beginning Pointe/Pre Pointe
  • Intermediate/Advanced Pointe


  • Beginning Jazz/1

  • Jazz 2

  • Jazz 3

  • Jazz 4

  • Jazz 5

  • Intermediate Jazz

  • Advanced Jazz


Tap levels at TSD start at age 3. We train up to advanced tap levels. In the young age groups we are developing musicality and rhythm in students while introducing fundamentals of tap. The early training prepares them for the advanced levels.


Contemporary dance is a expressive style of dance that combines elements of several dance genres including modernjazzlyrical and classical ballet. Our students learn that Contemporary dance is to connect the mind and the body through fluid dance movements as a form of art. The term "contemporary" actually describes a genre that developed during the mid-20th century and is still very popular today.

These classes are reserved for students that have completed the Grade 5 Ballet level.


Hip Hop -