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Enrollment takes place from our website in the parent portal. Complete child’s information, selection of classes, enroll in autopay, and pay a registration fee of $25 to hold a spot in a class. Registration fees are nonrefundable. Students are expected to enroll for the entire season of ten months, August-May. You may pay your tuition in one payment, two payments, or in ten monthly payments. If paid in monthly instalments, you are required to enroll in autopay. Tuition will be charged the first of each month.

-There are no refunds, credits, or deductions for missed classes or holidays.

-Students with delinquent accounts will not be admitted in class until the account is current. Upon Registration, you have reserved your child’s class time until May of the registering season.  You will be billed and are liable for the payment of tuition for those classes whether or not your child attends the class until we are notified, IN WRITING, of your desire to cancel your child’s enrollment. If you choose to change or terminate services, you must submit the change in writing 1 month prior to the drop/change in order to stop charges.

-Parents are responsible for correction credit card information in the parent portal. Updating information is important to prevent failed processing. There is a $15 Late Fee applied to tuition if not paid by the 15th of the month. Any returned checks will be charged a $25 fee.

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Proper discipline is expected in the classroom. The school reserves the right to dismiss any student who upsets the harmony of the class.

Students should be on time for class. Tardiness is a disruption to the class. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. All students should arrive in plenty of time to dress, arrange their hair and go to the bathroom. Please be sure young dancers have been to the restroom before class begins.

The school expects students to adhere to the dress code and to practice modesty. Hair must be pulled up. Level 3 and up are required to have a bun for class.

Children may not be left unattended at any time. Students must be picked up promptly after the dismissal of their class.

No food, gum, or candy is allowed inside the dance studios or hallway. All food should be kept in lobby.

Students should not wear their dance shoes outside. Oil and dirt, when tracked into the studio, are hazardous to a dancer.

Stud pierced earrings are the only jewelry allowed in the studio classroom.

The dance school is not responsible for lost items.

Level 3 and above must attend two ballet technique classes a week to participate in the recital. If too many classes are missed during the course of the year a student may be prohibited by the teacher to participate in the year-end recital.

TSD will follow any and all school cancellations DUE TO WEATHER.  We will NOT always follow the Holiday closings, please refer to the below listings of TSD closures.

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Theatre School of Dance’s uniforms are the Official Regulation wear of the Royal Academy of Dance.  TSD carries or can order the uniforms from Freed of London Dancewear (please purchase the RAD leotard and skirt from TSD. We have shoes and tights in stock, but you may purchase them wherever you would like). Students must adhere to the uniform policy or they may not be permitted to participate in class.


*Pink ballet tights and pink leather ballet shoes are required for all ballet levels (Shoes must be properly fitted). Intermediate Foundation and should wear demi pointe shoes in class.

*Tan Jazz shoes at all levels should be worn.

*Black Tap shoes at all levels should be worn. Buckle tap shoes, no ties in lower levels.

*HAIR must be pulled back out of the child’s face at all levels. Grades 3 and up are required to wear their hair in a classical ballet bun.

*Level I and up are required to wear a ballet belt. 


Ballet Beginnings & Creative: Pink RAD Leotard
Pre-Ballet & Pre-Primary: Lilac RAD Leotard & Skirt
Primary: Marine Blue RAD Leotard & Skirt
Level I:    Light Blue RAD Leotard
Level II: Lavender RAD Leotard
Level III: Mulberry RAD Leotard
Level IV: Red RAD Leotard
Level V: Navy RAD Leotard
Intermediate Foundation and up: Dark Modest Leotard


Jazz Levels

 Dark leotard & Tan Tights

Tap Levels

Dark leotard & Pink Tights 


Black shorts/boy tights, white T-shirt, white socks, and black ballet shoes

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