In 1962 Marion Mills opened Theatre School of Dance in Bossier as the first performing arts institution in North Louisiana to partner with the Royal Academy of Dance in training students. In 2003, Emily Seale took over ownership of Theatre School of Dance. TSD has maintained the tradition of excellence by training under the RAD system.

Emily trained under Mrs. Mills completing the Royal Academy of Dance exams through the Advanced 2 level receiving an Associates Degree from the Royal Academy. Emily continues to train with the RAD through the Continuing Professional Development program. She has trained at the Royal Academy in London and studied under numerous teaching professionals such as: Gillian Davis, Sandra Burnham, Lynn Wallace, Claire Guss-West, Sarah Johnson, Carole Sampson, and more.



Worshiping God through dance

Adorare means to worship God alone. We strive to use dance as a form of worship to bring glory to Him. Every performance is an opportunity to glorify the Lord as well as to help develop the students' performance abilities.


The Red River Revel, an outdoor festival held every fall, is an opportunity for artisans to come together to display their art work and sell their wares. There are also many performances by members of the community, and Adorare is proud to have participated for many years.


Christmas Gala is an opportunity to experience Christmas through dance. Even though the focus of our show is ultimately on the birth of our Savior, we enjoy using traditional and popular songs that are well-known and beloved by many.


Our spring show ultimately reflects the reason for which we were put on earth: to love God and worship Him alone. We refer to the show as 'An Evening of Worship,' and use every dance as an opportunity to glorify the Lord.



Thank you for considering Theatre School of Dance. We are honored that you are considering us to train your child. Please carefully read the policies and guidelines below.


  • Registration is required to reserve a spot.

  • Registration fees are non-refundable.


  • Proper behavior is expected.

  • Students should be on time.

  • School dress code will be followed. (This includes hair in a bun for ballet and jazz, and hair pulled away from the face for tap).

  • No food, gum, candy, or sugary drinks in class.


  • Students are expected to treat the teacher, as well as each other, with respect.

  • Students should not be tardy. It's a disruption to class.

  • Please pick up students promptly after class. If you have a late class, please make sure you arrive at least 5 minutes before class is over to pick up your child. A late fee may apply if you are habitually late. 


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